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Omar Sarmiento




Hello, visitor!

I like to consider myself more than a hair and fashion stylist. I am a consultant to my field of expertise.

I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, attending and participating in Beauty and Fashion shows. This has helped me to gain the extended Knowledge, all the latest styles, tips and litter secrets in the industry, needed to better serve my clients.

My years of hairstyling gives 204 Studios more than 22 years of professional excellence. The 204 Studios was established here in West Hollywood in 2017. Our clientele consists of men and women that we have been servicing since our early days in our careers. Some of them have being loyal to us for more than 30 years.

I consider it an honor when a client walks in to the Salon. From the moment a client enters and sits in my chair, they are intrusting me with a very important task. That is; what they look like and how they feel when they walk out the salon. Looks are very important and it very individualize to each person. A hair style on my client could determine how the day will go for them. I take this very seriously. I know that here at the 204 Studios, we are but a hand full of humble stylist. We need to always be on the cutting edge, providing a variety of services. We are a full service hair salon.

Our slogan here at 204 Studios is Simply this:

Looking Good, Feeling Good, Living Better

To our loyal clients. Thank You, for all of your love and support. We could not have achieved success without you.

I look forward to seeing you soon. Call us for your appointment today!

We breathe Beauty.

Omar Sarmiento, Owner
204 Studios